Example of Job Applications Letter

Ok Guys..For You who needs how to make a job application letter. just copy it…its free for you.. 😀


Agung Eko Supriyono
O14, 3rd Avenue
Bumi Jaya Residence, PWK 41117
Mobile: (0264) 217385
Email: gunk_only@yahoo.co.id

April 4, 2009

John Smith
HR Representative
Brain Power Corporation
100 Avenue of the Americas
New York, NY 10020

Dear Mr. Smith,

I was read your advertising about job opportunity and I’m interested in applying for senior business accounting manager position. In consideration of your advertised opportunity, I have noted that your position strongly appeals both to my experience and personal goals. My levels of enthusiasm, my work experience and academic background and interpersonal skills will support my candidacy and provide an excellent match for the requirements of this position.

As you can see in my resume, I was currently a Master of Busines Administration in Harvard School of Business. I have worked as an accounting manager in the Department of Finance in Coopers, Ltd for past five years. In my present position, I am involved in finance reporting analysis, business strategic planning, finance project management, and activity based Accounting. In addition, the internship with Gruvi Finance Corporation provided an opportunity for me to increase my experience with research and development technology to be a professional accountant. I performed an active and discipline by learning to effectively prioritize tasks, optimize my time and maximize the positive impact of my efforts. Leadership, business savvy, poise under pressure, and the ability to communicate clearly are all attributes of my character.

I would very much like to discuss a personal interview at your convenience for this opportunity with your specific needs any my overall abilities regarding this position. It is exciting for me to imagine combining my experience with your company to successfully manage your company in a great level company. With a high degree of esteem, I wish to render my formal intent and application for this position. I can be reached in confidence at the contacts above and will look forward to hearing from you soon. I appreciate you for considering me for this position.
Thank you for your time and consideration.


Agung Eko Supriyono


About Agung Eko Supriyono
Smart, Friendly, Positif Thinking, Brave

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